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Snuffle Mat 101


An Enrichment Tool for all of Fido's Needs

Snuffle mats are very mentally stimulating and require various skills and senses: logic, scent, calm sniffing (no paws), impulse control. It encourages them to use their natural instinct to hunt, sniff, and forage for their food through grass and fields, making the mat an excellent addition to your canine enrichment toolkit!

Canine Enrichment

A snuffle mat can help slow meal time so that your hungry pup does not gulp down their entire meal, preventing bloat and gas. They can also entice a dog that is uneasy about eating out of a plastic or metal bowl.

Slow Feeding

Snuffle mats can provide mental stimulation to dogs suffering from hearing and/or vision loss. They can also entice a dog without a good appetite by making meal-time into a game!


Treat-dispensing toys that roll away can be frustrating for dogs recovering from surgery, dogs with stiff joints, or those on physical activity restrictions and crate rest. Snuffle mats require mental energy and the durable rubber base help them to stay in place on a flat surface.

Dogs in Recovery

Use your snuffle mat to build positive associations in previously challenging environments; like crate training and introductions to new places, sights, and smells. Use the snuffle mat to shift their focus to a rewarding activity in situations that can cause anxiety; for example, strangers visiting the home or long road trips.

Behaviour Training

Stormy day and need to get out some energy? Dog destroying household items? Give them something positive to do instead! Prepare the mat while your dog isn’t looking. Hide the mat and say nothing to your dog. Allow them to discover the location of the mat by themselves. Once they’ve found it, they get to snuffle out all the treats! Challenge yourself to hide the mat somewhere different each time.

Boredom Buster

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