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Trick Training

Do More With Your Dog (DMWYD) is the recognized sanctioning body for the sport of Trick Dog, and they issue official Trick Dog Titles recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club. 


There are four Standard trick title levels: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert, Trick Dog Champion, and Trick Dog Grand Champion. There are also Masters level titles to display your dog’s mastery of numerous tricks within one difficulty level, and fun Specialty titles as well! 


The CKC recognizes the following titles, which may also count toward the CKC Versatility Award Program: NTD, ITD, ATD, ETD, NTD-M, ITD-M, ATD-M, ETD-M, TDCH, TDGCH 


Train with me, your Certified Trick Dog Instructor
and DMWYD 2022 Trainer of the Year!

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Start Your Trick Training Journey Today!
Join the PACK OF JOY with Zoë, Shepie & Rogue!

Already a Trick Extraordinaire? 

How Do I Earn Trick Titles?

In order to earn your Trick Titles, first you need to teach your dog some fun tricks! Need help teaching your tricks? Join the Pack of Joy! (Full details above). 


Then you need to have a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) witness those tricks, either virtually or in-person. As your Certified Trick Dog Instructors, I can witness your tricks for you to earn titles!


Once I have witnessed and approved your tricks, and you have met eligibility requirements for that title level, you can submit your title application to Do More With Your Dog! to earn your title. You will get a Title Certificate and can also receive a Title Ribbon and other swag!

Ready to Submit Your Videos for Your Title Evaluation?

Just video your dog performing their tricks and upload it to youtube, vimeo, or google drive. Your videos can be edited together in one video or can be multiple videos. Then email me the link or attach the video directly to your email! 


Video tips & tricks: 

Your full body and your dog’s full body must be visible

Perform each trick at least 2 times

Ensure background noise is kept to a minimum 

Stand up straight; please do not hover over your dog

Physical manipulation & pressure is not permitted 

Check your surroundings and your attire 

List the tricks included in your video submission 


When you’re ready for witnessing, you can send the video link(s) to: 


Witnessing is FREE via video. I LOVE watching your awesome dogs do their tricks, so I do not charge for trick video witnessing. You only need to pay the title application fee and shipping to DMWYD (if you picked a physical item option). Cost varies depending on the title and which certificate and swag options you pick.

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